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Player Expectations

  • Cell phones must be turned off and put away during all baseball sanctioned activities.

  • Play team baseball. The team is more important than any single individual.

  • Success in the classroom is required. Laziness and failure is not acceptable.

  • Playing time is earned and will not be discussed with parents.

  • Respect the game and practice good sportsmanship. Disrespect toward coaches, other players, umpires, or equipment will not be tolerated.

  • Buy in to the program.

  • Sprint on and off the field.

  • Cursing or negative slander will not be tolerated on or off the field.

  • Come fully equipped to all baseball sanctioned activities.  All players will wear a protective cup at all times, no exceptions.

  • Lying and stealing will not be tolerated.

  • During the duration of the season, players cannot participate with any other team.

  • The amount of effort given in practice as well as production in games will translate into playing time.

  • Participate in fundraising to the best of their ability.  This includes but not limited to: selling poker tickets, signs, discount cards, and helping with the summer camp.

  • You will be expected to participate for the Blue Jays during the summer.

  • Pitchers WILL rest from pitching between July and January, no exceptions.



  1. BE ON TIME (SENATOR TIME is 15 minutes prior to activity)


  3. You must attend all classes the day of the game.  You must attend all classes on Friday before a Saturday contest.  A doctor’s note is needed if you miss school the day of a game or Friday before a Saturday game.

  4. You will not play if you have an F in any class at any time during the season.

  5. YOU WILL NOT be late or miss practice due to detention/work detail. You will attend all practices, games, and tournaments unless arrangements have been made prior to that date.  The coaching staff will determine the appropriate consequence for each infraction.  You have committed your time to the program and your teammates.

  6. NO HAZING of other students, student athletes, administration, teachers, umpires, coaches, etc. in person, social media, or texting.

  7. Players will adhere to the practice and game day uniform policy.  Hair must be cut and face clean shaven unless otherwise notified.          

  8. You are expected to travel with the team at all times.   If there is an occasion you cannot ride 

  9. the bus home, you must get the appropriate paperwork from the athletic office 2 days prior to the event.                

  10. A doctors note or release is required if you visit a Doctor, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor etc.

  11. You will be respectful to coaches, players, umpires, etc., at all times.  This includes attitude and body language.  80% of communication is body language.  Your response to coaches will be, “Yes Coach” or “No Coach”.

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